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    Since the publication of “The Best Seat In The House,” Allen has been asked to speak about his experience and his take on being disabled in America in a number of venues. The response has been overwhelming. If you are interested in having Allen speak at an upcoming event, contact him directly at
And here's what they're saying!



STANFORD MEDICAL SCHOOL and PALO ALTO VA SCI CENTER, Palo Alto, CA, 3/19/09. Talk before patients and staff of new Stanford Comprehensive Spinal Cord Injury and Repair Program.


DAYLE MCINTOSH CENTER FOR THE DISABLED, Anaheim, 2/20/09. Keynote address, Annual Apple of Our Eye Awards Luncheon.



NATIONAL SPINAL CORD INJURY ASSOCIATION, 11/08. Emcee, 4th Annual Spinal Cord Injury Hall of Fame Ceremony, New Orleans.

2008 RARE NEUROIMMUNOLOGIC DISORDERS SYMPOSIUM, 7/08, Seattle. Keynote address, international gathering on MS, TM, and other disorders, sponsored by the Transverse Myelitis Association and the Johns Hopkins Project Restore.

GOODWILL INDUSTRIES OF CENTRAL INDIANA, 6/08, Indianapolis, IN. Keynote address, annual awards luncheon.

LOS ANGELES COUNTY MULTICULTURE CONFERENCE, 5/08, LA. Seminar speaker at 10th annual event on diversity.

MS SOCIETY, Pacific South Coast Chapter, Carlsbad, CA and San Diego, CA, 1/08, Executive fundraising breakfast.



GOODWILL INDUSTRIES OF MIDDLE TENNESEE, Nashville, TN, 10/2/07. Keynote address at annual awards dinner.

RANCHO LOS AMIGOS REHABILITATION CENTER, Downey, CA, 9/27/07. Address before patients and staff.

“THE SECOND ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL FORUM ON CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS,” Doha, Qatar, 4/22-4/26/07. Participant in global disability rights conference sponsored by Sheika Mozah Al-Missned, the First Lady of Qatar.

INTEGRIS JIM THORPE REHABILITATION HOSPITAL, Oklahoma City, OK, 3/2/07. Address before patients and staff.


“Allen struck the perfect balance between funny and functional as MC of our 2008 SCI Hall of Fame gala. His professional presentation style and genuine warm and sincerity combined to help us honor serious work and have a blast at the same time. Allen was a huge part of the success of our event!”

Eric Larson
Executive Director
National Spinal Cord Injury Association

“Allen, you were an inspiration to everyone in the room. We were truly honored to have you.  There were over 200 people at our event and we are getting many wonderful comments from everyone.  Thank you again for being who you are -- a great inspiration to all!”

Dolores Kollmer
Ex. Director, Dayle McIntosh Center
Garden Grove, CA

Re: Goodwill Industries 50th Anniversary dinner, Nashville, TN. “I cannot imagine our having a better speaker or individual for the event….your talk was engaging and informative…yours is a story worth telling and hearing, and we were all inspired.”

David Lifsey,
President/CEO, Goodwill Industries,
Nashville, TN

“Thank you very much, Allen.  You are the very great presenter with a lot of valuable information.  We are truly honored to have you.  There were 110 people attended the lecture yesterday and we are getting many wonderful comments.   Thanks again!”

Lily Wong, Director
Language and Culture Resource Center
Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center

“As he shared his experiences through a life-altering event, he reached out to many of our patients. His message and down-to-earth sense of humor made a deep connection with both patients and staff.”

Dr. A.E. Moorad, M.D.
Medical Director,
INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Hospital
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“…His message was inspiring, and I truly believed Allen reached out and made a connection with many of our patients as he shared his experiences…It was through his humor that he bridged some of the anxieties surrounding disabling conditions such as his. We all grew from this experience…”

Phil Lance, CHE,
Vice-President, Ancillary Services
INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Hospital,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“….I greatly admire and respect Allen for his courageous work…He so honest and candid in exposing his vulnerabilities, his confusion, his anxiety, his self-doubts…I know there are many who have tried to communicate how TM has so profoundly and dramatically changed your life – consider Allen’s presentation as the message you’ve been trying to share…”

Sandy Siegel,
The Tranverse Myelitis Association

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