Friday, September 18, 2009


These are pictures from the 25th anniversary reunion of most of the people involved in the TV series,"The History of White People in America." Look closely and you will see Martin Mull, Fred Willard, Mary Kay Place, Michael McKean, Julie Payne, and David L. Lander, among others. Not present, sadly, is director and co-star Harry Shearer, who was in New Orleans at the time. You will also spot the gracious Kevin Bright, who both produced all the White People shows and hosted this soiree at his Malibu compound. Mary Willard took all the pictures and Wendy Mull and Ann-Marie Rucker are in one of them.

The White People shows, originally broadcast on Cinemax and HBO, are still available on Just type in "The History of White People In America."

Perfect setting, perfect crowd. I am blessed to know and have worked with every one of these fine people.


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