Friday, June 12, 2009


A brand-new edition of probably the very best resource for anyone who is paralyzed, quasi-paralyzed, or just thinking about becoming paralyzed has just been published, and it's a beauty.

It's called SPINAL NETWORK: THE TOTAL WHEELCHAIR RESOURCE BOOK. If you are old enough to grok the reference, it is the WHOLE EARTH CATALOG of all things wheelchair and para-health related, from sex, travel, and sports to personal assistance services, insurance, and cure research. It's all there.

There are also many witty and provocative essays on life in a wheelchair by people who live it daily. For instance: in a section called "Our Labels, Ourselves," a writer named S.L. Rosen makes this eloquent observation:

"For me, and I imagine for most others like me,'survivor' is the real term that holds meaning. We are surviving indeed, to the embarrassment of a society that can't figure out what to do with us, ghastly successes of that medical skill of patching together shards of people who, some years ago, wouldn't have survived at all."

Even crips, patched-up shards that we are, tend to take life for granted.

Anyway, get the SPINAL NETWORK book by logging on to or calling 888-850-0344 ext 209. It runs 400 pages and cost $34.95. It's worth every penny.

Mention my name and it won't save you a dime.


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