Thursday, February 05, 2009


Check out this month's (FEB 09) issue of that fine mag, NEW MOBILITY. The cover story is called SEX, WHEELS, AND RELATIONSHIPS. You wouldn't want to miss that. When you cool off, read my story on the evolving jargon of DISABLE-SPEAK.

Then tell 100 of your closest friends to subscribe. It's a very classy publication, whether you are a wheelchair user or not.

Do it. Now. Chop-chop.



Blogger Becs said...

Awesome article.

The whole business doesn't get any easier when someone who's been around wheelers her whole life says "crip" or "gimp" to a circle of hostile wheelers.

As a person with fatness, I always make that call first. ("I need to go to the fat chick store. I've got a party this weekend and I want a new dress.") Part of it is defensiveness, part of it is to state the obvious, but mostly it's just to get over it and move along.

And from my experience, New Mobility has been hostile toward the non-wheeler community, so I generally stay away.

6:11 PM  
Blogger Allen said...

As a person with paralysis, I make no distinction between the wheeler and non-wheeler community, so I will do my best to change the attitude at New Mobility. I never write from a wheeler perspective. I just happened to be one. My own disorder is in the MS/neuroimmunologic field where people peramulate in all sorts of ways.

10:22 AM  

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