Wednesday, February 25, 2009


ATTENTION K-MART SHOPPERS! Your favorite web destination -- ALLENRUCKER.COM - will soon come to you with a whole new look! It's a total face lift and tummy tuck. With all new features, like...HOW TO BUY AR BOOKS DIRECTLY! MORE VIDEO! GREAT NEW GRAPHICS! AND OTHER STUFF. Please stay tuned.

Secondly, AR would like to thank the wonderful people at the DAYLE MCINTOSH CENTER FOR THE DISABLED for inviting him down to speak at their big awards gala last Friday. It's a terrific organization. If you live in So Cal, check it out.

Thirdly, AR will be speaking next at the CSUN Conference on Technology and People with Disabilities on Saturday, March 21 at noon at the LAX Marriott, sponsored by FLEXICISER. Go to for more info.

Finally, see above -- the message of the day.


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