Thursday, November 08, 2007


My friend Dub Cornett's documentary about three country boys who found an object at Goodwill which allows them to communicate with God -- the hallowed URIM & THUMMIN -- has recently been accepted at the prestigious International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam. Go to the Urim & Thummim website -- -- and watch the trailer. You can also go to the IDFA site -- -- to check it out. Dub is headed to Amsterdam to sit on a panel with Werner Herzog, a fan of the film.

This is absolutly mind-blowing stuff -- outsider reality, as it were -- something Dub specializes in. These boys have located a spiritual icon of the ages. Flannery O'Connor could have written this story. Think "Wise Blood" centered on a sixty-nine cent curio through which believers have mystic visions.

This is exactly how Mormonism got started and now we have a Mormon running for President.

Think about it.


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