Saturday, February 03, 2007


First off, kudos to Caroline Tigeress, the first person to post on Caroline heard an interview on KBOO-FM in Vancouver, Washington. Thank you Paul Van Dyck and "The Sounds of Awareness".

For all lovers of personal narrative writing. A terrific on-line magazine devoted to such writing -- SMITH mag/Memoirville -- did the best interview I've done so far about "Best Seat" and the process of writing it. I recommend that all check out the mag at It's a beautiful thing.

Great signing at Book Passage in the Ferry Bldg in San Francisco last Wednesday. Great location, great crowd. Thanks, Ron, for a wonderful evening. And thank you Sarah's parents for dropping by. I'll be posting pictures soon!

I'll be in Chicago on Monday night, Feb 5th, in the freezing cold, at BARBARA'S BOOKSTORE in Oak Park at 7:30 pm. Please come by to warm up.

Next stop: Nashville, Friday, Feb 9th, at DAVIS-KIDD BOOKSTORE at 6 pm. Nashville is one of my favorite places on earth. I'll also be speaking and showing films at Vanderbilt from the 7th through the 9th, so if you are a Vanderbilt student, look around for the posters.


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